Former Chilean and Colombian infantrymen are highly trained and quite used to extremely advanced individual and crew served weapon systems and modern combat equipment. Global Guards protective gear includes all equipment designed to protect the guard force and the site against a wide variety of aggression scenarios. Most protective gear used by our men always comprises personal armor of some type, modern weapons and sensor systems.

Our Guards are specifically trained to use the necessary defensive equipment in addition to their personal rifles, such as hand guns or pistols, shotguns, machine guns, GPS, encrypted communications equipment, booby traps, integrated surveillance equipment, night vision devices, advanced intelligence and biometric systems, special vehicles and other sensitive equipment required to protect a site against individual or even massive aggression.

This advanced type of training and familiarity with U.S. combat equipment, SOP’s and tactics allow the guard force to develop a high degree of interoperability with the former U.S. Marine operators that will perform the duties of Guard Commanders.