Iraq Experience


By working under contract for private U.S. security corporations, Global Guards have been providing protective details, Route Reconnaissance and Convoy Security for many U.S. government officials as well as Static Site security services to U.S. Government facilities and corporations throughout Iraq. Loyal, brave and highly disciplined the Chilean Special Forces operators are considered to be among the best trained, professional and most efficient military organizations in the world. That’s why they were selected to work for the U.S. Department of State in Iraq.

Up to this day, and after more than 11 years, the U.S. State Department and private corporations employed more than 3,157 former Chilean Commandos in Iraq. An impressive number. That number is also supported by the fact that Global Guards is the only security company never to loose a single man in Iraq or Afghanistan. Not one. CPA buildings, DOS facilities, principals and government executives in Baghdad, Al Hillah, Diwaniyah, Al Samawah, Karbala, Basrah and Kirkuk have been protected by Chilean detachments of former Chilean Special Forces operators lead by former U.S. Marines. Chilean Army Commandos when operating under the leadership of former U.S. Marines… are a unique combination of efficiency and reliability.