Our Company


Global Guards Corp. is an international Force Protection firm with government and private clients worldwide. Our mission is to provide the most reliable private security force through strong leadership skills, superior personnel selection, refine tactics and advance tactical training. We are not your average private security firm. We are much more than that. Here is why.

Most of the Chilean security operators come from the same Special Operations community. (i.e; air assault brigades, Mountain regiments and paratrooper battalions.) As a result, they have been trained in Europe or in the United States, they are bilingual, share the same doctrine of operations, they know each other and have an average of 10 to 20 years of active duty and prior operational experience as high end / Elite professionals. Finally, and because we operate as an organic and self sufficient force (usually of between 100 to 300 men per QRF unit properly supported by armored vehicles and enhanced with the adequate C4ISR additional equipment)… we are not your average “security guard service.” We are quite different.

Our goal is to continue to be most Elite, the best trained and the better equipped uniformed security force in the world.